Our Approach to Measurement and Evaluation


We at ECMC Foundation believe if we invest in innovative, evidence-based programs around teacher development, college success, and career readiness, we will affect educational and career outcomes for underserved populations. If proven successful, these programs will be scaled up, leveraging our resources to reach more young people. Evaluation is integral to this process. We are currently engaging with evaluation firms to finalize our strategy in this process and look to the following information to guide us in this work.

Key Assumptions

  1. Our three focus areas are key levers of educational and career outcomes
  2. Long-term investments and/or risk taking are necessary for the success of these programs
  3. There is sufficient evidence around our central areas of focus to guide and support our giving decisions
  4. The programs we invest in have the capacity to expand and serve larger numbers of young people
  5. Other funders will be interested in scaling up our most successful investments

Grantmaking Goals

  1. To increase the percentage of underserved students who are prepared for, admitted to and attending a higher education institution
  2. To improve upon matriculation rates at colleges and universities, and graduation rates at community colleges and career technical schools for underserved populations
  3. To increase the percentage of students obtaining high-quality credentials and postsecondary certificates that result in job placement
  4. To improve teacher effectiveness and training, particularly for teachers working with underserved populations

Objectives of Our Evaluation

  1. To improve our grantmaking competence and decision-making.
  2. To help our grantees improve their organizational effectiveness and practice, share effective strategies, and thereby strengthen their impact.
  3. To share our work and be held accountable for our impact.
  4. To help the greater education field understand what does and does not work.


We are looking to create an evaluation strategy to inform our organizational work. The audience for this will mainly be ECMC Foundation staff and board. We also hope to produce an evaluation policy and framework to share with grantees and more broadly on our website.

For any individual evaluations for projects in the future, the audience will likely include ECMC Foundation staff and board, grantees, and the public, particularly within the philanthropic and education fields.