Strategic Initiatives


The GO! Program is designed to involve all employees across affiliates of the Foundation's parent company, ECMC Group, in recognizing organizations that align with the Foundation's mission of improving educational outcomes among underserved communities. Awards are granted to educational programs spanning from early childhood education through postsecondary education. All employees have the opportunity to nominate organizations they care about in their local communities.

Since the GO! Program first launched in 2015, it has awarded a total of $3.55 million through 118 grants.

2015 21 $1.1
2016 25 $1.0
2017 72 $1.45

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation To help launch 70+ vulnerable children from high-poverty households on a trajectory of educational success at Wilder's Child Development Center (CDC). $25,000
Avenues for Homeless Youth Employ an education support specialist to support homeless youth. $25,000
Babies Need Boxes To fund the expansion of creating more Baby Boxes and to help fund additional warehouse space for supplies. $25,000
Hmong Museum To assist with programming, promotional, and general organizational expenses including rent and supplies. $25,000
Jeremiah Program To support the growth of our proven two-generation (low-income single mothers and their young children) program to support educational and economic success. $25,000
Lucy Craft Laney at Cleveland Park Community School To stock our classroom libraries with more culturally relevant books. $25,000
Minds Matter To fund summer enrichment programs. $25,000
MN Adult and Teen Challenge To increase academic achievement and vocational skills training among at-risk teen boys, ages 14-18, that enter the MnTC recovery program. $25,000
People Serving People To fund the Early Childhood Development Program that exclusively serves children ages 6 weeks-5 years old that are experiencing homelessness. $25,000
The Lift To expand focus on real jobs and job progression, healthy relationships, self-awareness, financial literacy, life skills, and leadership opportunities for at-risk Payne-Phalen youth who may not have postsecondary options. $25,000
AboutKidz To fund the Graduation Day Program—a program that assists elementary and junior high students after school while their parents are away at work. $25,000
Fairytale Town To fund the Sacramento Adventure Playground (SAP), a maker lab located in an underserved area that has no safe places for play, that gives kids the chance to use real tools and raw materials to bring their ideas to life. $25,000
Pleasant Grove High School Robotics Club—FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) To train our members in skills they can apply beyond our organization to succeed in STEM and business careers. $25,000
Sacramento Children's Museum—ExplorABILITY To fund the ExplorABILITY program, a free, bimonthly program for children on the autism spectrum ages three to six. $25,000
Sierra Forever Families—Wonder Mentoring Program To fund the Wonder Mentoring Program 75 foster care youth, ages 6-12, embark on a 12-month journey with their adult mentor who has the capacity to listen, support and have fun. $25,000
Single Mom Strong To expand programming that provides weekly seminars, discussion groups and classes to empower single mothers and their children to be their best selves. $25,000
David Starr Jordan High School To expand non-cognitive skills building for Black students through character development including integrity, perseverance, empathy, confidence and determination which will increase academic success. $25,000
High School Inc. Sponsor student(s) in the nonprofit of ECMC's choice through their work-study program, providing an opportunity for organizations that need the administrative support, but may not have the funding to mentor a student. Also, an opportunity for the student to receive valuable, hands-on work experience. $25,000
Lien Doan Huong Viet—A Nonprofit, Multi-Unit Boy and Girl Scout Organization To fund space large enough to support activities attended by the high number of students in this organization. $25,000
New York
Harvester 56 Theater/Batavia Players ​To help fund three summer day camps for kids ages 3-18. $25,000
Blossom Program To present boys and girls ages 7 – 17 topics that are age appropriate and assist with life's challenges through a four-week program. $25,000
Boys II Men Inc. To provide our Lifetimers with a mission trip to Nicaragua, where they can see the importance of their education, utilize their second language, learn about and experience another culture, and give out of their abundance. $25,000
College Mentors for Kids To fund programming that helps underserved children who face a challenging road. Mentors encourage them to look beyond their circumstances and see what they can achieve. $25,000
Dayspring Center To fund the Children's Services Program, a program where children of all ages receive basic care—daily meals and shelter. More importantly, they receive the individualized attention, academic support, and resources needed to build confidence, boost their life skills and help them to succeed in school. $25,000
Fathers and Families Center To fund the Strong Fathers program that works with at-risk fathers to obtain the skills and training certifications needed to secure employment that has the potential for a living wage and growth. $25,000
Indiana Youth Group To fund the Education Program that highlights career planning and college preparation, homework sessions, tutoring, study groups and one-on-one tutoring sessions with adult mentors for LGBTQ students. $25,000
Indianapolis Public Schools—Marion County Jail To set up a reading library appropriate for this age group and reading levels, and also to teach culinary skills (the number one employer of ex-felons is food service). $25,000
Greenbrier High School To fund programming that provides students with a safe learning environment and as many resources and/or intervention as possible through after-school support. $25,000
Austin Area Urban League ​The Career Bridge GO! Program will enhance the student's thought process regarding transitioning from student to employee targeting Everest Institute-Austin students. $25,000
Wheeler Avenue Christian Academy ​Located in Houston's 3rd Ward, the 3LGW program helps ensure all students, who do not have access to technology, are able to benefit from the exposure and infusion into this academic program. $25,000
Cesar Chavez Committee of Tarrant County ​To strengthen our administrative capacity to create more long-lasting educational-based programs in Tarrant County. $25,000
Community Family Centers ​To address underserved students reading between 4th and 6th grade levels with an intense instructional model. $25,000
DMP Ministries, Inc. ​To help fund the All-Occasion Etiquette program that exposes underserved youth to the behaviors of a cultured society, grooming them for various scenarios and volunteer opportunities that require appropriate manners and conduct. $25,000
Boys and Girls Club of Grand Prairie ​To fund the College and Career Ready program, which includes ACT/SAT prep, meals for the members at each program session, transportation to and from College and Career Ready programs, transportation, housing and meals for college tours, and support for part-time staff who accompany the members to the program sessions. $25,000
Each One Teach One ​To expand services that provide one-on-one instruction to adult learners performing below 8th grade level in reading, writing or math; provide one-on-one instruction to adult learners studying to pass the high school equivalency exam (HSE); provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to adult learners; and provide computer literacy instruction to adult learners. $25,000
Blairsville Support Group Against Drugs ​​To expand the Reality Tour, a licensed, community-based drug prevention program designed as a single event to engage parents and their children, to three additional school districts. $10,000
Evergreen Boys and Girls Club ​To provide free, academic afterschool/summer enrichment opportunities for youth, particularly students who attend high-poverty/low-performing schools. $5,000
Hempfield Area School District ​To provide 3D print technology to students at West Hempfield Middle School. $10,000
Portsmouth Educational Opportunity Center To increase adult literacy in target areas of Portsmouth and surrounding communities. $25,000
Smart Beginnings Greater Prince William To support three terms of Girls Group (research-based curricula to strengthen the self-sufficiency of girls) in a Portland school in the 2017-18 school year. $25,000
Pikes Peak Library District The Adult Education Program provides free integrated education and training programs for underserved students in El Paso County, Colorado. $10,000
Women's Resource Agency To support the need for a gender responsive program, trauma informed, strengths-based and culturally relevant. $15,000
Colorado Youth for A Change To fund options for youth who would otherwise not attend traditional colleges or career and technical education programs, expanding services to underserved populations. $15,000
YoungLife To help send girls to camps as well as to fund programming for work within local schools. $10,000
The Graham Family of Schools To equip students with strategies, skills, experiences, and mindsets to enable success both in the classroom and in their lives beyond school through social emotional learning. $25,000
Boys and Girls Club of Volusia County To fund Power Hour, a daily homework assistance and tutoring program. $15,000
Futures Foundation for Volusia County Schools To fund mini-grants associated with curriculum materials, student supplies, books, software programs, etc. providing a variety of activities, including remedial and enrichment programs. $10,000
Duval MYcroSchool To provide the fees required for students who have exhausted all waivers provided by the ACT and SAT to take those tests for free. $10,000
PACE To fund the PACE program that aims to balance academics and social services in a holistic, strength-based culture, with the intention of promoting protective factors through year-round academic classes, individual and group counseling, case management, gender-specific life management training, career planning and exploration services, and transition services for its participants. $15,000
Computer Mentors Group To fund cutting-edge technology training that supports socioeconomically challenged children with which they might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore. $5,000
Hope Childrens Home To provide 20 new computers and monitors for our students to use during typing class and other technology-related learning classes. $20,000
Alpha House Of Tampa To prepare residents to become career ready so they can earn a livable income and support themselves and their families. $25,000
Conklin Center for the Blind To fund nearly one Supported Living Coach. $25,000
Embracing Legacy To fund services such as tutoring, SAT/ACT preparation courses, Junior Achievement courses, Scholastics "Summer Express" camp, College Bound workshops, and subject-specific workshops such as math, reading and college prep. $25,000
Friends of Joshua House Foundation To provide residential and therapeutic services to abused, abandoned and neglected children. $25,000
Girls Empowered Mentally for Success Funding provided to teach leadership development, resume writing, college essay writing, mock interviewing, and financial literacy including budgeting and banking. In addition to providing structured proven programs, students will receive paid internships to promote financial stability and economic growth. $25,000
Golden Generations, Inc. To fund My Sistah's Place, a pilot project with the mission of serving young women between the ages of 18 to 21 who have aged out of the foster care system. $25,000
Cocoon House To help equip young homeless people with the skills necessary for maintaining and continuing their education and developing skills to enter the workforce. $25,000
Caring For Kids To fill the basic needs of homeless kids and their families such as food, clothing, beds and school supplies. $10,000
Communities in Schools of Tacoma To help underserved students K-12 succeed in school with plans for their future that includes basic needs as well as tutoring and mentoring. $10,000
Living Access Support Alliance (LASA) Funds will be used for prevention of homelessness for singles and families. $5,000
Project 150 Project 150 Tutoring Program will offer tutoring for students with non-traditional schedules due to various responsibility demands, such as being head of household to younger siblings, to include academic and life skills tutoring on financial literacy, college applications, interviewing skills and home ownership. $20,000
The Shade Tree To fund an Employment and Training Facilitator who will access, refer, and coach TST clients to find the best job readiness program for each client. $5,000
Albany County School District #1—Backpack Food Program To fund the Backpack Program—backpacks are typically given to students in need when a family encounters a time of misfortune, as a temporary way to feed the children over the weekend. $25,000
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Eta Lambda Chapter To fund Project EXC2EL, which concentrates on the importance of completing secondary education and transitioning students into college. $5,000
Carver High School—Health Science Program To have industry professionals train students for the HOSA competition and give them hands-on training for the industry. $10,000
Just Us Girls Mentoring Program Funds will be used for general operations and to enhance our tutoring program for the girls. $10,000
Healing Women of Atlanta To fund programming that teaches life changing sustainable strategies including: literacy, financial management, debt management, credit management, understanding mental health, breaking the barriers of silence, affective communication strategies from trauma to the work force, and a mentoring programing from darkness to light for underprivileged youth, young adults and women. $25,000
New Jersey
YouthBuild Newark To fund a bridge program that comprises college tours, experiential learning activities, and leadership development to increase 16 to 24-year-old youth's readiness for postsecondary enrollment and completion. $15,000
ZOI Wholeness To fund the SHAPE Family Development program that provides an environment for open dialogue between parents and their children (grades 6-12) on the key issues that affect the family during the adolescent years. $10,000
Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest To support three terms of Girls Group (research-based curricula to strengthen the self-sufficiency of girls) in a Portland school in the 2017-18 school year. $25,000
Detroit Recovery Project To address the transportation challenges individuals have that desire a higher education. $25,000