Grants & Investments Since Inception

Between May 2015 to December 31 2019, ECMC Foundation committed $158,628,582 in grants and program-related investments to programs that aim to improve postsecondary education outcomes. (To explore grants, visit our searchable Grants & Investments Database.)

Grantee Map

Since it's inception, ECMC Foundation has:

  • $158 Million

    Made more than $158 million in grants and investments

  • 1159 Grants and Investments

    Committed 1159 grants and investments;

  • 328,000+ Participants

    Touched the lives of 328,000+ participants including students, teachers, administrators and staff who participated in ECMCF-grant funded programs


  • 150 New Programs

    Supported the pilots of 150 new programs through grants

  • 631 Partners

    Partnered with 631 organizations


Total Grants and Investments by Year*

Grantee Pie Chart

Total Giving by Year

Grantee Bar Chart

*As of April 17, 2020