Investment Methods

ECMC Foundation uses a spectrum of investment structures, including strategic grantmaking and program-related investments to support nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Changing The Postsecondary Education System

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Strategic Grantmaking

ECMC Foundation awards grants that support organizational capacity building, new program or model development, existing program refinement or expansion, capital, research, and evaluation across two core focus areas: College Success and Career Readiness. More than $35 million in grants are awarded annually to organizations, programs and institutions across the United States.

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Education Innovation Ventures

ECMC Foundation’s program-related investment portfolio, Education Innovation Ventures (EIV), makes below-market-rate investments into nonprofit and for-profit ventures that seek to generate both social impact and financial returns.

Complementing ECMC Foundation’s strategic grantmaking, EIV uses a full spectrum of program-related investments—including debt and equity instruments—to improve educational outcomes and economic mobility among students from underserved backgrounds. These catalytic investments enable the Foundation to tap into the creative power of the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, unlock innovative ideas and build evidence-based practices.

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Learn about our Commitment to Measurement and Evaluation

We believe that monitoring and evaluation are critical components of our investments.

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