Measurement & Evaluation

ECMC Foundation prioritizes measurement and evaluation and is committed to sharing the impact of its investments with the field in order to leverage improvements in educational outcomes for students from underserved populations. Measurement and evaluation is one of ECMC Foundation’s core values.

As a learning organization, measurement and evaluation allow us to provide Foundation staff, grantees, and the field with information about the implementation and impact of projects funded through the Foundation’s focus areas. These findings will foster learning from evidence and will help build the knowledge base—within the Foundation and beyond—about what constitutes an effective program for students from underserved backgrounds, what conditions lead to successful implementation and outcomes, and what impact the program has on participants. Finally, findings allow the Foundation to identify promising innovations that justify further support so that they may be expanded, replicated or scaled.

Objectives of our measurement and evaluation practice:

  • To improve our grantmaking and investing competence and decision-making.
  • To help our grantees and partners improve their organizational effectiveness and practice, share effective strategies and strengthen their impact.
  • To share our work and be held accountable for our impact.
  • To help the greater postsecondary education field understand what does and does not work.

The Grants Portal

The Grants Portal provides Foundation grantees and partners with a comprehensive solution that centralizes our grantmaking functions, from grant development to data collection and reporting. Grantees are able to develop grants, access important resources and report on their progress through the Foundation’s Grants Portal.

Monitoring, Reporting and Data Collection

To provide ECMC Foundation staff, grantees, and the field with information about the implementation and impact of projects funded through the Foundation’s focus areas, we monitor grants regularly and collect information in a formal reporting capacity annually.

Measuring Progress

We require that each grantee identify and track unique measures of success—performance targets defined by the grantee and aligned to the goals of the grant. Periodic assessments of these measures of success provide the Foundation with information on a program’s progress toward its targets and goals.

Gathering Insights from Participant Information

The Foundation captures key characteristics and attributes of grant-funded program participants. By distilling participant information by demographics, ECMC Foundation is able to garner deeper insights that inform our work and help drive our strategy.

Assessing Portfolio-Wide Performance

ECMC Foundation tracks a set of standardized metrics across each of its focus areas to help us better assess portfolio performance and the impact of our work.


ECMC Foundation directly supports formal independent evaluations of select grantees and projects to inform the Foundation’s programmatic improvements, program expansion and strategic investments. Evaluation is an independent, systematic investigation into how, why, and to what extent processes are successful, activities are implemented as intended or objectives or goals are achieved.

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