ECMC Education

ECMC Education is an affiliate of ECMC Group and a nonprofit provider of career and technical education. Created in 2015, ECMC Education owns and operates the Altierus Career College (Altierus) campuses, which offer programs in information technology, allied health, and the trades at campuses in Tampa, FL, Atlanta, GA, and Houston, TX. Above all, ECMC Education is driven to promote the long-term success of its graduates. ECMC Education offers students access to the high-quality education necessary to enter into prosperous and fulfilling careers.

ECMC Education operates as a network of innovation schools and ECMC Foundation has earmarked funding specifically to support ECMC Education’s efforts. Funding from the Foundation supports the testing, adopting and sharing of new approaches to add new programs in high-demand industries, design quality curriculum, modernize program delivery with new technologies and build simulated learning environments to match real-world experience.

ECMC Foundation maintains an open line of communication with the ECMC Education executive team and Altierus campus staff and reviews potential projects with due diligence. Thanks in part to a strong working relationship with the ECMC Education senior leadership team, ECMC Foundation is able to guide proposals, monitor progress and provide support to ECMC Education grantees.

Featured Story: Altierus

Multiple Grants Help Altierus Campuses Take Proactive Steps to Modernize Career Education and Help Learners Succeed

“Joanna” is a single mom working night shifts to support her family, while trying to master English—a difficult second language. She’s also a student at Altierus Career College (Altierus) Tampa, who, because of a language barrier, was denied the ability to apply for work at her externship site because she was unable to pass the pre-screen questionnaire.

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