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Jeremy J. Wheaton

Jeremy J. Wheaton

Jeremy J. Wheaton is the president and CEO of ECMC Group, where he leads a team committed to creating, providing and financially supporting advancements in education and career training to successfully prepare and transition learners—particularly the historically underserved—for the workforce.

While originally founded in 1994 as a student loan guaranty agency in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, ECMC Group has evolved and expanded its offerings over the years from financial literacy to include nonprofit education delivery, philanthropy and impact investing. Through its efforts, ECMC Group not only supports education innovation through investments and grantmaking but also puts them into practice in the career and technical schools that it operates.

From his college days working in the university admissions office to his current role helping to solve America’s workforce challenges and drive student-centric advancements in postsecondary education, Mr. Wheaton has spent his career helping students succeed. His perspectives have been featured in Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, The Washington Post and more.

Mr. Wheaton joined ECMC Group from Triumph Higher Education Group/Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, where he served most recently as president and CEO, focusing his time on improving student outcomes through innovative curriculum delivery. Previously, Mr. Wheaton served as chief operations officer at Meritas International Family of Schools and Pearson Embanet. He formerly served as chief executive officer of Colorado Technical University.

Mr. Wheaton has served on many corporate and educational boards and currently is on the board of the Jeremiah Program, a national nonprofit dedicated to lifting mothers and children out of poverty two generations at a time, as well as the ECMC Group Board of Directors. He earned his bachelor's degree in finance and political science from Clarkson University and a master’s degree in business administration from Moravian College.