What We Do

Building a Postsecondary Education System That Works for All Learners

Our Mission

To inspire and to facilitate improvements that affect educational outcomes—especially among underserved populations—through evidence-based innovation.

The United States has long put its faith in education as the great equalizer, the best way for individuals to change their socioeconomic circumstances and pursue their dreams.

Evidence-Based Innovation

ECMC Foundation is proud to share the following highlights from grants and investments made 2015-2018 related to our mission of funding evidence-based innovation:

  • 83 Grants

    to pilot a new model, launch a new program or add a new program component

  • 50 Grants

    to refine or expand an existing, proven model

  • 29 Grants

    where research or evaluation was a funded activity

  • 55 Grants

    for capacity building

Yet, many individuals face systemic barriers limiting equitable opportunities for quality postsecondary education pathways and supports. Students of color, low-income students, first-generation college students and adult learners are inundated with challenges in their pursuits of postsecondary certificates and degrees, impairing their ability to secure jobs with family-sustaining wages and advancement opportunities.

Today's careers offering family-sustaining wages can be accessed through diverse educational pathways. By 2020, the U.S. economy will grow from 140 million to 165 million jobs. The majority of these jobs will require at least some education beyond high school: 30% will require a postsecondary certificate or associate degree and 35% will require at least a bachelor's degree.

In addition, the job market continues to evolve as the economy advances in the 21st century: As many as 54% of workers by 2022 will either have to undergo re-skilling or upskilling to keep pace.

ECMC Foundation's work addresses these challenges. We support organizations and institutions that provide high-quality programs and support to students and learners from underserved backgrounds.

Envisioning a Future Where Equity Gaps in Education No Longer Exist

Our Vision

All learners unlock their fullest potential.

We envision a country where all learners—regardless of their socioeconomic background, which neighborhood or zip code they grew up in, or the color of their skin—have access to quality educational and career opportunities and the necessary supports to succeed.

Through the work of our grantees and partners, learners are engaged in educational experiences that are rigorous, hands-on and relevant. Learners are prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed both in postsecondary education and their careers. They are empowered with self-confidence and a belief that they can pursue any educational and career path of their choosing.

Learning is a lifelong practice. Certificates and degrees are essential stepping stones to success, but not the end of the road. As the economy evolves, new jobs emerge and the skill sets that are most in demand shift. Adopting a lifelong learning mindset and drive for continuous career development is essential.

Central to our vision is the idea that everyone has an innate ability to unlock their fullest potential, no matter what educational and career pathway they seek. With the right support and education, all learners—emerging and continuing—have the power to turn aspirations into realities.